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MAY 1, 2021

Build 25B.01.00 - New HTTPS Installer/Updater


This CHT update is being posted, primarily to introduce a new, HTTPS-based CHT dual-version installer. With this "dual-version", the same installer executable is able to install either our CHT Clarion 10 version or our CHT Clarion 11 version or both.

The new CHT installer can be picked up at the URL shown in the following image:

Enter the url provided by the image above into your favorite browser's command line. For best results, once on that page, follow the instructions provided there regarding download and placement of the contents of our installation zip file.

The installer/updater's unique new interface provides the opportunity to update your CHT toolkit for Clarion 10, Clarion 11 or both. Installations are performed, as before, one CHT version at a time using this single executable.


Different target installation directories are specified (by you) for each unique instance of Clarion 10 or Clarion 11 that you may have previously installed.

This helpful new feature borrows functionality from our recently-introduced "HNDCLARIONDRIVE.EXE" utility. That is, the ability to address multiple Clarion 10 installations or multiple Clarion 11 installations and to easily point our updater to the specific Clarion IDE version installation that the developer wishes to update with the newest CHT toolkit features.


All web communications performed by this installer application, whether it entails displaying a web page, or downloading a new installation container, are encrypted in the transport layer by HTTPS.

We embarked on this HTTPS-based design at the request of CHT developers who for reasons of infrastructure changes at their end, were no longer able to use standard HTTP-based web installations from their development desktops.


To increase ease-of-use, the executable components contained in this zip may be placed in any directory on your development machine, for example "c:\cht\" or "c:\clarion\cht\".

Since the same installer now installs both C10 and C11 versions of our toolkit to multiple Clarion10/Clarion 11 installation target locations, it stands to reason that you should now begin to place our installer/updater in a single, neutral, disk directory.


Installation container "*_1.hzo" now provides an always up-to-date version of our installer/updater should we need to add features or improvements along the way.

You can find this in your ClarionXX\accessory\bin\ inside a zip called: CHT will advise when it may be prudent to extract that zip into the c:\cht\ or c:\clarion\cht\ directory where you placed the installer/updater currently being used.

Running our installer/updater once through for any installation or update, places a "@CHT SETUP" icon on your desktop from which it may be started at any time to perform a new CHT installation or to perform an update or simply to inquire about the presence of newer CHT installation components.

This installer does NOT install Clarion 10 and/or Clarion 11 and assumes you have legally licenced versions of C10 and/or C11 which you have installed first, via the Softvelocity installer.


If you have installed multiple instances of say, Clarion 11, on your dev machine and have successfully installed CHT to each of these instances, you may use the HNDCLARIONDRIVE.EXE utility to indicate with which Clarion 11 version you intend to begin a coding session. Remember to always exit Clarion when changing Clarion instance locations using HNDCLARIONDRIVE. From any machine you can only use ONE CLARION 10 OR ONE CLARION 11 INSTANCE AT A TIME.

HNDCLARIONDRIVE.EXE points your computer's registry settings at the Clarion and CHT version you intend to use for any given coding session.

To switch Clarion installation instances, exit Clarion, use the SET10 or SET11 parameter with HNDCLARIONDRIVE.EXE and restart the appropriate C10 or C11 instance as per the SETXX command just issued.

Note that running simultaneous instances of two different versions of Clarion from the same machine is OK, without necessarily requiring the use of HNDCLARIONDRIVE.EXE.

However, distinguishing which instance of any specific Clarion IDE you are running when there are multiple instances of that same IDE installed on the same computer requires the use of HNDCLARIONDRIVE.EXE to set the currently active IDE instance that will be in active use.

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