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This "CHT Batch Bot" application is a command-line zip tool which can zip files alone or in bulk using a DOS-style file mask (eg: • .app) to describe the files to be zipped. The application can be called from one of your Clarion applications, a Windows batch file or a Windows .VBS script to provide reliable single and multi file zipping services.

HNDZIPNET.EXE source code, because it is in Clarion .APP format, is included as a standard part of the CHT toolkit, provided both in .APP format as well as ready-to-run, in .EXE format.

HNDZIPNET.EXE is dependent on one DLL being present and visible on the system path, namely: HNDNETZIPPER.DLL.

The application communicates to this DLL via COM requiring the HNDNETZIPPER.DLL to be registered on the host system. The DLL will auto-register on the host system when first called and found not to be registered. Auto-registration can only be performed from an "admin" account.

<9>[REQ] Provides file name of the target zip file to be created.
<9>Note that the ESC key cancels zip operations in all cases.
<9>Use --path to name the source files location.

<9>[REQ] File name of the source zip file to be processed.
<9>Use --path to name the unzip location.

<9>[OPT] Lists the entire contents of the zip to a file
<9>called "hndzipnet.txt" and displays it in CHT Snap Edit.

<9>[OPT] Names the path where source files are located.
<9>Application path is used when this tag is omitted.

<9>[OPT] --subs denotes include subdirectories

<9>[OPT] --win 1 denotes show progress window

<9>[OPT] Standard dos-style file mask to describe files to be
<9>zipped,, for example • .app

<9>[OPT] CHT-Style file query to describe files to be zipped,
<9>for example: NAME ENDSWITH APP OR NAME •  .DCT

<9>[OPT] --noedit requires no parameter use this for "silent"
<9>running so that Snap Edit does not appear afterward

<9>[OPT] Pops up this splash help screen.
<9>Creates a help file called "hndzipnet.txt"
<9>Displays "hndzipnet.txt" in CHT Snap Editor window.

All successful transactions or errors are logged into "hndzipnet.txt" located in the same directory as the hndzipnet.exe.

JumpStartSplashCHTBlue (Procedure Template: Splash)
Count Instance Class Type Methods Header File
(0001) HTellMe HNDWindow HND 215 HNDWINDO.INC
(0002) Toolbar ToolbarClass ABC 6 ABTOOLBA.INC
(0003) ThisWindow WindowManager ABC 39 ABWINDOW.INC
(3) Class Instances Found In JumpStartSplashCHTBlue

Main (Procedure Template: HandySourceProcedure)
Count Instance Class Type Methods Header File
(0002) QRY HNDQueryBuilder HND 243 HNDQBINF.INC
(2) Class Instances Found In Main

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