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HandyWordInterfaceControls Demo [V10.17.05.0154]

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This application illustrates a class called HNDOfficeWord which provides a programmatic interface to Microsoft Word for creating and opening email, appointments, tasks and more.

The HNDOfficeWord class is introduced to the procedure via a template called EmbedHndWordClassFunctions. Then a second template called HandyWordInterfaceControls has been added to the main window to illustrate a variety of functions available.

This application is a work in progress intended for expansion as CHT Word templates are added and improved.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

Gus M. Creces
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Count Global Template Name Qty Global Template Description
(0001) AACHTControlPanel(HNDTools) 1 CHT AACHTControlPanel - Global Control Panel.
(0002) ApplicationImagesEx(HNDTools) 1 CHT ApplicationImagesEx - Application Styling System
(0003) HNDCMPControlPanel(HNDTools) 1 CHT HNDCMPControlPanel - Interface to the CHT Compile Manager.
(0004) HandyVersionResource(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyVersionResource - Version Resource/Build Number Information To EXE
(0005) INIFile(HNDTools) 1 CHT INIFile - .INI FIle and Registry extension classes - HNDIni - globally to your application.
(5) Global Templates Found

1 - Procedure Template Type: Menu
Main ()
Count Local Template Name Qty Local Template Description
(0006) AppStartSplashProcedure(HNDTools) 1 CHT AppStartSplashProcedure - Application Splash screen earlier with an option for threaded/unthreaded.
(0007) DateTimeDisplay(ABC) 1 Display the date and/or time in the current window
(0008) EmbedHNDWordClassFunctions(HNDTools) 1 CHT EmbedHNDWordClassFunctions - An Instance Of:
(0009) EmbedWindowFunctions(HNDTools) 1 CHT EmbedWindowFunctions - An Instance Of:
(0010) HandyHelpFileFetch(HNDTools) 2 CHT HandyHelpFileFetch - Build A Help File Request To Your Website.(10)
(0011) HandyHelpWhatsNew(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyHelpWhatsNew - Build A What's New Request To Your Website.(8)
(0012) HandyWordInterfaceControls(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyWordInterfaceControls - A variety of controls that interface to an MS Word Instance.
(0013) ProcedureImagesEx(HNDTools) 1 CHT ProcedureImagesEx - Application Styling System
(0014) WizardListBox(HNDTools) 1 CHT WizardListBox - Control Wizard Tabs from a Listbox.(5)
(9) Local Templates Found In Main

2 - Procedure Template Type: Splash
JumpStartSplashCHTBlue ()
Count Local Template Name Qty Local Template Description
(0015) AppBuildDateTimeStamp(HNDTools) 1 CHT AppBuildDateTimeStamp - An application build date/time stamp.
(0016) AppBuildNumberStamp(HNDTools) 1 CHT AppBuildNumberStamp - An application build number or version stamp.
(0017) AppCopyRightStamp(HNDTools) 1 CHT AppCopyRightStamp - An application copyright stamp.
(0018) HandyTellMeControl(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyTellMeControl - Text box control to provide a message or help text.
(0019) ProcedureImagesEx(HNDTools) 1 CHT ProcedureImagesEx - Application Styling System
(5) Local Templates Found In JumpStartSplashCHTBlue

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