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CHT XSA-3 Installation Server [V10.17.05.0127]

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This application consists of a Type-4 CHT static page server that has been XSA security enhanced for installation container delivery.

This uses a server-side configured 2-part username password setup (standard XSA) as well as a 3-part email,loginid,username setup (XSA-3) looked up in a user (customer, subscriber) file.

Which of these two security systems is applied by the server depends on the authorization header applied to a file request by the CHT XSA client application.

This application uses a dictionary that defines an SQLite "Customer" file containing customer status information which can depending on status field contants allow or disallow an installation call from the customer's installation client.

This application is primarily template-built and contains almost no hand-embedded code.

This server and its example client installer HNDSLFSVXSAINSTALL3PART.APP, an XSA-3 installer, in combination with CHT's container builder app, HNDSETUP.APP combine to form a very flexible and secure, across-the-web, software, and/or document delivery system to Windows-based computers.

This server also utilizes a user/customer maintenance application called HNDSLFSVCUS.APP which it calls via RUN() under the "Customer Maintenance Utility" menu. The path to this executable may need to be adjusted in the embed area where it is called. The customer maintenance app shares the HNDSLFSV.DCT with this server application.

Gus M. Creces
The Clarion Handy Tools Page (CHT Website) (CHT Forum)

Count Global Template Name Qty Global Template Description
(0001) AACHTControlPanel(HNDTools) 1 CHT AACHTControlPanel - Global Control Panel.
(0002) ApplicationImagesEx(HNDTools) 1 CHT ApplicationImagesEx - Application Styling System
(0003) FieldLevelValidationCode(HNDTools) 1 CHT FieldLevelValidationCode - Inserts field level validation code directly from your dictionary.
(0004) GlobalIncludeHNDDiskFunctions(HNDTools) 1 CHT GlobalIncludeHNDDiskFunctions - Disk classes - HNDDisk - globally to your application.
(0005) HNDCMPControlPanel(HNDTools) 1 CHT HNDCMPControlPanel - Interface to the CHT Compile Manager.
(0006) HandyCodeSigningExtension(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyCodeSigningExtension - Application Code-Signing System
(0007) HandyVersionResource(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyVersionResource - Version Resource/Build Number Information To EXE
(0008) INIFile(HNDTools) 1 CHT INIFile - .INI FIle and Registry extension classes - HNDIni - globally to your application.
(0009) VblFileNames(HNDTools) 1 CHT VblFileNames - Incorporate variable file names and defaults into your app from the dictionary.
(9) Global Templates Found

1 - Procedure Template Type: HandySourceProcedure_TS
SubscriberActiveCheck (STRING UserLogin, STRING xFileRequest), STRING
Count Local Template Name Qty Local Template Description
(0010) EmbedUtilityFunctions(HNDTools) 1 CHT EmbedUtilityFunctions - An Instance Of:
(1) Local Templates Found In SubscriberActiveCheck

2 - Procedure Template Type: Window
ServerMain ()
Count Local Template Name Qty Local Template Description
(0011) AppStartSplashProcedure(HNDTools) 1 CHT AppStartSplashProcedure - Application Splash screen earlier with an option for threaded/unthreaded.
(0012) BrowserServerInitializationControls(HNDTools) 1 CHT BrowserServerInitializationControls - Install CHT Browser/Client Server Initialization Controls
(0013) EmbedBrowserServer(HNDTools) 1 CHT EmbedBrowserServer - An Instance Of:
(0014) EmbedWindowFunctions(HNDTools) 1 CHT EmbedWindowFunctions - An Instance Of:
(0015) HandyApplicationIniFetch(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyApplicationIniFetch - Embed a fetch from the Application INI file or Windows registry.(13)
(0016) HandyHelpFileFetch(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyHelpFileFetch - Build A Help File Request To Your Website.(8)
(0017) HandyHelpWhatsNew(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyHelpWhatsNew - Build A What's New Request To Your Website.(12)
(0018) HandyToolBarGradient(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyToolBarGradient - Place gradient properties as a backdrop on the window toolbar.
(0019) HandyWindowGradient(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyWindowGradient - Place gradient properties as a backdrop on the window.
(0020) PostControlEvent(HNDTools) 3 CHT Post an event to a control in a local window(11)
(0021) ProcedureImagesEx(HNDTools) 1 CHT ProcedureImagesEx - Application Styling System
(0022) ProcessUserCustomRequest(HNDTools) 1 CHT ProcessUserCustomRequest - Intercept and process a UCR$ request from a remote client.(1)
(0023) ServerFileHandlingOverrides(HNDTools) 1 CHT ServerFileHandlingOverrides - Override default CHT Server file handling settings.
(0024) VisitMeControl_EWF(HNDTools) 1 CHT VisitMeControl_EWF - Mouseover hyperlink to your web site - Requires EmbedWindowFunctions Template(15)
(14) Local Templates Found In ServerMain

3 - Procedure Template Type: HandySourceProcedure_TS
ReceiptUCRProc (STRING xUserEmail), STRING
Count Local Template Name Qty Local Template Description
() Local Templates Found In ReceiptUCRProc

4 - Procedure Template Type: Splash
JumpStartSplashCHTBlue ()
Count Local Template Name Qty Local Template Description
(0025) AppBuildDateTimeStamp(HNDTools) 1 CHT AppBuildDateTimeStamp - An application build date/time stamp.
(0026) AppBuildNumberStamp(HNDTools) 1 CHT AppBuildNumberStamp - An application build number or version stamp.
(0027) AppCopyRightStamp(HNDTools) 1 CHT AppCopyRightStamp - An application copyright stamp.
(0028) HandyTellMeControl(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyTellMeControl - Text box control to provide a message or help text.
(0029) ProcedureImagesEx(HNDTools) 1 CHT ProcedureImagesEx - Application Styling System
(5) Local Templates Found In JumpStartSplashCHTBlue

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