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HTTP SERVER TYPE 4 [V10.19.03]

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HNDSLFSV.APP is a TYPE 4 CHT server, which means it serves files. It is our default web page server. Web pages and images, are after all, files. Normal HTTP page views from a browser are public and do not require password enabled access privileges. File transactions into and out of server-visible directories are security-controlled via a 2-part server login.

HNDSLFSV.AP can securely transact file transfers with several CHT file client applications. All secure clients require this server to set up a single, 2-part server-level login (username + password), to control file upload/download permissions.

HNDSLFCMD.APP is a CHT "Batch-Bot" upload/download application, enabling transfers into and out of the server root and any server subdirectory below the server root. "Batch-Bot" style applications may be used from the DOS command line, from DOS batch scripts, and, naturally, inside Clarion applications where they are known as "CHT Snap-Ins".

HNDSLFCL.APP is a simple, example client single-file uploader, downloader illustrating four different client-side upload/download methods.

This application is entirely template-built and contains almost no hand-embedded code.

Count Global Template Name Qty Global Template Description
(0001) AACHTControlPanel(HNDTools) 1 CHT AACHTControlPanel - CHT Global Control Panel.
(0002) ApplicationImagesEx(HNDTools) 1 CHT ApplicationImagesEx - Application Styling System
(0003) FieldLevelValidationCode(HNDTools) 1 CHT FieldLevelValidationCode - Inserts field level validation code directly from your dictionary.
(0004) HNDCMPControlPanel(HNDTools) 1 CHT HNDCMPControlPanel - Interface to the CHT Compile Manager.
(0005) HandyCodeSigningExtension(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyCodeSigningExtension - Application Code-Signing System
(0006) HandyVersionResource(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyVersionResource - Version Resource/Build Number Information To EXE
(0007) INIFile(HNDTools) 1 CHT INIFile - .INI FIle and Registry extension classes - HNDIni - globally to your application.
(0008) VblFileNames(HNDTools) 1 CHT VblFileNames - Incorporate variable file names and defaults into your app from the dictionary.
(8) Global Templates Found

1 - Procedure Template Type: Window
ServerMain ()
Count Local Template Name Qty Local Template Description
(0009) AppStartSplashProcedure(HNDTools) 1 CHT AppStartSplashProcedure - Application Splash screen earlier with an option for threaded/unthreaded.
(0010) BrowserServerInitializationControls(HNDTools) 1 CHT BrowserServerInitializationControls - Install CHT Browser/Client Server Initialization Controls
(0011) EmbedBrowserServer(HNDTools) 1 CHT EmbedBrowserServer - An Instance Of:
(0012) EmbedWindowFunctions(HNDTools) 1 CHT EmbedWindowFunctions - An Instance Of:
(0013) HandyApplicationIniFetch(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyApplicationIniFetch - Embed a fetch from the Application INI file or Windows registry.(13)
(0014) HandyHelpWhatsNew(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyHelpWhatsNew - Build A What's New Request To Your Website.(12)
(0015) HandyToolBarGradient(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyToolBarGradient - Place gradient properties as a backdrop on the window toolbar.
(0016) HandyWindowGradient(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyWindowGradient - Place gradient properties as a backdrop on the window.
(0017) PostControlEvent(HNDTools) 3 CHT Post an event to a control in a local window(11)
(0018) ProcedureImagesEx(HNDTools) 1 CHT ProcedureImagesEx - Application Styling System
(0019) ServerFileHandlingOverrides(HNDTools) 1 CHT ServerFileHandlingOverrides - Override default CHT Server file handling settings.
(0020) VisitMeControl_EWF(HNDTools) 1 CHT VisitMeControl_EWF - Mouseover hyperlink to your web site - Requires EmbedWindowFunctions Template(15)
(12) Local Templates Found In ServerMain

2 - Procedure Template Type: Splash
JumpStartSplashCHTBlue ()
Count Local Template Name Qty Local Template Description
(0021) AppBuildDateTimeStamp(HNDTools) 1 CHT AppBuildDateTimeStamp - An application build date/time stamp.
(0022) AppBuildNumberStamp(HNDTools) 1 CHT AppBuildNumberStamp - An application build number or version stamp.
(0023) AppCopyRightStamp(HNDTools) 1 CHT AppCopyRightStamp - An application copyright stamp.
(0024) HandyTellMeControl(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyTellMeControl - Text box control to provide a message or help text.
(0025) ProcedureImagesEx(HNDTools) 1 CHT ProcedureImagesEx - Application Styling System
(5) Local Templates Found In JumpStartSplashCHTBlue

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