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This "CHT Batch Bot", HNDSLFCMD.EXE is a command-line HTTP tool which can send to, fetch and erase files from any standard CHT HTTP site managed by a Type 4 CHT Server such as HNDSLFSV.APP. A password and username are required for access to the server. Communications in both directions are encrypted.

The "CHT Batch Bot" application can be called from one of your Clarion applications, from a Windows batch file or from a Windows .VBS script to provide reliable file upload, download and delete services.

HNDSLFCMD.EXE source code, because it is in Clarion .APP format, is included as a standard part of the CHT toolkit, provided both in .APP format as well as ready-to-run, in .EXE format.

--config0 to --config9
<9>[CFG] Set up HTTP configuration information #0 to #9

"Set" commands may be combined with --send, --fetch or --erase.

--set0 to --set9
<9>[CFG] Select and use configuration #0 to #9
<9>[CFG] Manually inserted url and port, ignore config settings.
<9>E.G. --set
<9>[CFG] Manually inserted username and password
<9>E.G. --userpass username:userpass

<9>[REQ] Provides file name of the local file to be uploaded.
<9>Use with --local to name the local pickup directory.
<9>Use with --remote to name the remote target directory.
<9>Multiple files may be listed, separated by commas.

<9>[OPT] File name of a remote file to be downloaded.
<9>Use instead of --send or --erase for downloading files.
<9>Use with --local to name the local target directory.
<9>Use with --remote to name the remote pickup directory.
<9>Multipe files may be listed, separated by commas.

<9>[OPT] Provides file to be erased from a remote directory.
<9>Use instead of --fetch and --send when deleting.
<9>Use with --remote to name the remote directory.
<9>Multiple files may be listed, separated by commas.

<9>[OPT] Remote directory with which to interact.
<9>Remote directory below server /root/ directory.
<9>Example usage: subdir1/subdir2/
<9>Defaults to the server /root/ directory if omitted.

<9>[OPT] Names a local directory to indicate --send
<9>pickup directory or to indicate --fetch target directory.
<9>Defaults to the application directory if omitted.

<9>[OPT] Pops up a splash help screen.
<9>Creates hndslfcmdhelp.txt which contains the contents
<9>of this splash screen.

All successful transactions and/or errors are logged into "hndslfcmd.log" located in the same directory as the hndslfcmd.exe.

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