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CHT Installer (XSA3-LookUp) [V10.17.07.0236]

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This "CHT Utility Application" builds an across-the-web installer for your e-commerce business in co-operation with HNDSETUP.APP (.HZO Maker) and a type 4, CHT-XSA style server, HNDSLFSVXSA3PART.APP to securely deliver installation containers.

First, use HNDSETUP.APP to build an .HZO container with the files to be installed. Set up a server based on HNDSLFSVXSA3PART.APP to deliver your e-commerce web pages as well as your installation containers.

Then use a renamed copy of this application and complete the template prompts in your version of this app to build your install following its example.

Once the template dialogs have been satisfactorily completed, compile the application (your renamed copy of this applcation) to build the installer/updater for the HZO container configured in the template.

Since the HNDSLFSVXSA3PART.APP server uses a "Customer" file where installation privileges are established and controlled, a customer maintenance application called HNDSLFSVCUS.APP has been added to the toolkit. This server uses a "Customer" table located in an SQLITE container file named HNDSLFSV.SQLITE and the maintenance app is fix-coded to access and maintain that same custome table.

In this example installer, the "Authentication Model" switch has been set to position 5 which indicates a dynamic, user-configurable authentication string consisting of 3 discrete pieces separated by commas.

Hence the name of this example: HNDSETUPMKR_XSA3_LOOKUP.APP (with LOOKUP to indicate looked up in the registry configuration).

When this installer first starts, unconfigured, it pops up a dialog asking for the three-pieces of the login, in this case, emailaddress, serialnumber, lastname. This string must match entries in the server's customer table so the exact components of the login string can be determined by the developer. If enterred incorrectly the installer will re-display the login configuration dialog untill properly entered.

If the customer;s account login is changed or the account is expired, the installer will ask for the credentials to be re-entered. Otherwise, if credential information is satisfied, the install proceeds without pausing or asking for any configuraiton.

Finally, use, HNDSETUP.APP to upload your installation containers to your website using the HTTP upload dialog built into that application.

Any questions, visit CHT's support forum at:

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(0005) Toolbar ToolbarClass ABC 6 ABTOOLBA.INC
(0006) ThisWindow WindowManager ABC 39 ABWINDOW.INC
(6) Class Instances Found In Main

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(0001) HTellMe HNDWindow HND 214 HNDWINDO.INC
(0002) Toolbar ToolbarClass ABC 6 ABTOOLBA.INC
(0003) ThisWindow WindowManager ABC 39 ABWINDOW.INC
(3) Class Instances Found In JumpStartSplashCHTBlue

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