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This "CHT Batch Bot", HNDSEARCH.EXE, is a command-line utility that can be called from another application using, for example, Clarion RUN or one of CHT's many ShellRun() functions. It can also be leveraged from a DOS batch file, or a windows .VBS script or directly from the DOS prompt.

HNDSEARCH.EXE source code, because it is in Clarion .APP format, is included as a standard part of the CHT toolkit, provided both in .APP format as well as ready-to-run, in .EXE format.

The application accepts several command line parameters that describe search values, replace values and more. These parameters are as follows:

<9>[OPT] Pops up application splash screen.
<9>When used, all other parameters are ignored.
<9>[REQ] Required parameter eg: c:\temp\• .app
<9>Describes single or multiple files to be searched.
<9>Path required, unless file(s) in same directory as this exe.
<9>[REQ] Required search text parameter.
<9>This describes what you're searching for.
<9>[OPT] Optional parameter if only a search
<9>This replaces the value under --search
<9>[OPT] Do not display log file after processing.

Main (Procedure Template: HandySourceProcedure)
Count Instance Class Type Methods Header File
(0002) HSRC HNDSourceProcedure HND 47 HNDSRC.INC
(2) Class Instances Found In Main

JumpStartSplashCHTBlue (Procedure Template: Splash)
Count Instance Class Type Methods Header File
(0001) HTellMe HNDWindow HND 215 HNDWINDO.INC
(0002) Toolbar ToolbarClass ABC 6 ABTOOLBA.INC
(0003) ThisWindow WindowManager ABC 39 ABWINDOW.INC
(3) Class Instances Found In JumpStartSplashCHTBlue

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