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CHT Monitor Directory Service [V10.17.06.0284]

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This "CHT Utility Application" illustrates a CHT template called EmbedFileNotifyFunctions and a new class called HNDFileNotify (HNDFILENOTIFY.INC/HNDFILENOTIFY.CLW).

The class attached to your procedure by this template, once initialized, gives your procedure the ability to detect all changes occuring in a nominated directory and, optionally, its subdirectories. Whenever a new file is added to the target area, or a file is changed, your procedure is sent an event called EVENT:FileChanged to signal that this has occurred. At that point, what you do as a programmer to act on that event is wide open.

This application illustrates one use of this powerful, directory monitoring capability. When a file is added to the designated source directory, that file is copied into a target directory somewhere else on the local network.

The file or files meeting the filter setting provided on the application interface, eventually then, end up sitting somewhere else on the network, for instance, in a server directory. There is also an optional switch to remove the processed source file(s) from the directory being monitored.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

Gus M. Creces
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Count Global Template Name Qty Global Template Description
(0001) AACHTControlPanel(HNDTools) 1 CHT AACHTControlPanel - Global Control Panel.
(0002) ApplicationImagesEx(HNDTools) 1 CHT ApplicationImagesEx - Application Styling System
(0003) HNDCMPControlPanel(HNDTools) 1 CHT HNDCMPControlPanel - Interface to the CHT Compile Manager.
(0004) HandyCodeSigningExtension(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyCodeSigningExtension - Application Code-Signing System
(0005) HandyVersionResource(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyVersionResource - Version Resource/Build Number Information To EXE
(0006) INIFile(HNDTools) 1 CHT INIFile - .INI FIle and Registry extension classes - HNDIni - globally to your application.
(0007) VblFileNames(HNDTools) 1 CHT VblFileNames - Incorporate variable file names and defaults into your app from the dictionary.
(7) Global Templates Found

1 - Procedure Template Type: Splash
JumpStartSplashCHTBlue ()
Count Local Template Name Qty Local Template Description
(0008) AppBuildDateTimeStamp(HNDTools) 1 CHT AppBuildDateTimeStamp - An application build date/time stamp.
(0009) AppBuildNumberStamp(HNDTools) 1 CHT AppBuildNumberStamp - An application build number or version stamp.
(0010) AppCopyRightStamp(HNDTools) 1 CHT AppCopyRightStamp - An application copyright stamp.
(0011) EmbedWindowFunctions(HNDTools) 1 CHT EmbedWindowFunctions - An Instance Of:
(0012) HandyTellMeControl(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyTellMeControl - Text box control to provide a message or help text.
(0013) ProcedureImagesEx(HNDTools) 1 CHT ProcedureImagesEx - Application Styling System
(6) Local Templates Found In JumpStartSplashCHTBlue

2 - Procedure Template Type: Window
MainServiceWindow ()
Count Local Template Name Qty Local Template Description
(0014) EmbedFileNotifyFunctions(HNDTools) 1 CHT EmbedFileNotifyFunctions - An Instance Of:
(0015) EmbedShellFunctions(HNDTools) 1 CHT EmbedShellFunctions - An Instance Of:
(0016) EmbedWindowFunctions(HNDTools) 1 CHT EmbedWindowFunctions - An Instance Of:
(0017) HandyApplicationIniPut(HNDTools) 6 CHT HandyApplicationIniPut - Embed a PUT to the Application INI file or Windows registry.(19)
(0018) HandyFileSelectorControl(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyFileSelectorControl - File and directory selector lookup control.(2)
(0019) HandyHelpFileFetch(HNDTools) 3 CHT HandyHelpFileFetch - Build A Help File Request To Your Website.(16)
(0020) HandyHelpWhatsNew(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyHelpWhatsNew - Build A What's New Request To Your Website.(15)
(0021) HandyToolBarGradient(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyToolBarGradient - Place gradient properties as a backdrop on the window toolbar.
(0022) ProcedureImagesEx(HNDTools) 1 CHT ProcedureImagesEx - Application Styling System
(9) Local Templates Found In MainServiceWindow

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