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CHT HNDIDial Class Demonstration [V10.17.05.0202]

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This application uses a template called "EmbedHndIDialClass" to connect a CHT class called HNDIDIAL to your applications. HndIDial is a generic internet connection class that will handle internet connectivity in your windows applications regardless of the type of connection. If necessary, this class can handle user-intervention or non-user-intervention connections to a dialup connection through a modem or to a network connection via LAN.

HNDIDial can be used alone, as it is here, or in combination with other classes. The CHT tool kit classes, HNDIMail, HNDInetFTP and HNDHttp automatically derive HNDIDial for you in order to handle connectivity issues.

See the header file HNDIDIAL.INC for a list of properties and methods available.

Gus M. Creces
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Count Global Template Name Qty Global Template Description
(0001) AACHTControlPanel(HNDTools) 1 CHT AACHTControlPanel - Global Control Panel.
(0002) ApplicationImagesEx(HNDTools) 1 CHT ApplicationImagesEx - Application Styling System
(0003) HNDCMPControlPanel(HNDTools) 1 CHT HNDCMPControlPanel - Interface to the CHT Compile Manager.
(0004) HandyVersionResource(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyVersionResource - Version Resource/Build Number Information To EXE
(0005) INIFile(HNDTools) 1 CHT INIFile - .INI FIle and Registry extension classes - HNDIni - globally to your application.
(5) Global Templates Found

1 - Procedure Template Type: Splash
JumpStartSplashCHTBlue ()
Count Local Template Name Qty Local Template Description
(0006) AppBuildDateTimeStamp(HNDTools) 1 CHT AppBuildDateTimeStamp - An application build date/time stamp.
(0007) AppBuildNumberStamp(HNDTools) 1 CHT AppBuildNumberStamp - An application build number or version stamp.
(0008) AppCopyRightStamp(HNDTools) 1 CHT AppCopyRightStamp - An application copyright stamp.
(0009) HandyTellMeControl(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyTellMeControl - Text box control to provide a message or help text.
(0010) ProcedureImagesEx(HNDTools) 1 CHT ProcedureImagesEx - Application Styling System
(5) Local Templates Found In JumpStartSplashCHTBlue

2 - Procedure Template Type: Menu
Main ()
Count Local Template Name Qty Local Template Description
(0011) EmbedHndIDialClassFunctions(HNDTools) 1 CHT EmbedHndIDialClassFunctions - An Instance Of:
(0012) EmbedHndIPAddressFunctions(HNDTools) 1 CHT EmbedHndIPAddressFunctions - An Instance Of:
(0013) EmbedWindowFunctions(HNDTools) 1 CHT EmbedWindowFunctions - An Instance Of:
(0014) HandyApplicationIniFetch(HNDTools) 2 CHT HandyApplicationIniFetch - Embed a fetch from the Application INI file or Windows registry.(9)
(0015) HandyApplicationIniPut(HNDTools) 2 CHT HandyApplicationIniPut - Embed a PUT to the Application INI file or Windows registry.(8)
(0016) HandyHelpFileFetch(HNDTools) 2 CHT HandyHelpFileFetch - Build A Help File Request To Your Website.(14)
(0017) HandyHelpWhatsNew(HNDTools) 1 CHT HandyHelpWhatsNew - Build A What's New Request To Your Website.(7)
(0018) ProcedureImagesEx(HNDTools) 1 CHT ProcedureImagesEx - Application Styling System
(0019) VisitMeControl(HNDTools) 1 CHT VisitMeControl - Mouseover hyperlink to your web site.(2)
(9) Local Templates Found In Main

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