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December 1, 2019

2020 Build Coming
December 22, 2019

 ** 24A.00.00 Highlights ** 

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Last Month

Build Update 23.03.00
Released Nov 9, 2019

 ** 23D.03.00 Highlights ** 

This release we have revisions of three CHT "Batch-Bots" as well as two new test apps that illustrate how to connect to and control two of these bots from your Clarion applications.

One of these Batch-Bots, HNDXML2HTMLGEN.APP already has several apps that use it regularly to leverage its capabilities. While this bot has been internally revised somewhat to bring its interface more into line with the our other batch-bot apps, we're bringing it to your attention here for other reasons that we'll make clear later in this discussion.

We also have an exciting and useful addition for all types of CHT servers, a feature we call: "Safety Switch". This extended security feature may be optionally incorporated into existing CHT servers or new servers from a CHT template named: "BrowserServerInitializationControls".

We've incorporated the Saftey Switch feature into 6 shipping example servers that we'll further discuss and document, below.

HNDSLFCMD.APP (Fully Revised)

HNDSLFCMD.APP is a command-line HTTP tool that can send files to and fetch files from any standard CHT HTTP site managed by a Type 4 CHT Server such as HNDSLFSV.APP or HNDSLFSVFX.APP - servers discussed below.

A username and password are required for server access to be given and communications with the server are always automatically encrypted.

The application can be called from one of your Clarion applications using Clarion RUN or for more powerful interactions, CHTSnapCall class.

However, a Windows batch file or a Windows .VBS script is perfectly capable of providing reliable file upload/download services using this CHT BOT.

A new application, HNDTESTCHTBOTSLFCMD.APP has been provided to illustrate how developers might incorporate HNDSLFCMD.EXE into a Clarion application via the global SNAP-IN interface template "ApplicationSnapIns".

HNDMAKEHZO.APP (Fully Revised)

HNDMAKEHZO.APP builds compressed/encrypted file containers based on Clarion .TPS files. These file containers (.HZO extension) may be used like zip files, except they are relational, making them easy to browse, add to, or extract from in a non-sequential access fashion using Clarion, with CHT templates, classes and jumpstarts built expressly for that purpose.

A new application, HNDTESTCHTBOTMAKEHZO.APP illustrates how to incorporate HNDMAKEHZO.EXE into a Clarion application via the global SNAP-IN interface template "CHT ApplicationSnapIns".


HNDXML2HTMLGEN.APP application runs from various other CHT Batch-Bots and Snap-Ins in order to transform user-embedded XML template files into stand-alone HTML pages and forms.

It may also be run directly from a DOS batch file or developer applications, needing to implement XML to HTML transformation processing. CHT Snap-Edit, a C# app, included with our toolkit, calls this HTML generator exclusively to transform XML template files into HTML before previewing.

New Server "Safety-Switch" Feature Details

Our new safety switch is applied to the server via the main CHT Server template called BrowserServerInitializationControls, on the "CTL" tab under the subdialog "User-Installed Server Controls". Here, see "Set Three", item "Server Safety Switch".

This brand new switch, when installed and checked to the ON position, vastly extends the server's ability to detect invalid requests, and server exploits of various sorts that are intended to do damage, sniff for data or impede server function. CHT Developers can implement this, even on existing servers, in under 10 minutes, from our template.

Over the last number of years we've been tracking and logging a wide variety of exploits most of which our servers are immune to anyway, but this template extension adds a substantial amount of protection from garbage requests, web bots and data exploits.

When an exploitive request comes in, with the "Safety" switch ON, our server simply closes the connection and ignores the request, before server time, bandwith and reqources are expended.

Six Server "Safety-Switch" Examples

HNDSLFSV.APP (Added "Safety" Switch)

HNDSLFSVFX.APP (Added "Safety" Switch)

HNDTEAMDOCSERVER.APP (Added "Safety" Switch)



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